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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

I am a born Alpha Female and that has always been clear to Me.

Ever since I was young, I have been bold, tenacious and a natural leader. On the playground, I would boss the boys around, make them play “military” by doing push ups and run laps around the yard. I would turn boys into My pets, make them crawl, bark and then show them off to other girls. There were many early signs that I was dominant.

As I entered adolescence, I was drawn to submissive guys. The nice guys who would carry books, drive Me around and do whatever I said. I knew that I deserved to be treated with the utmost respect and reverence. It was easy to get people to do what I wanted them to do, and as I continued to get older I craved the control. I wanted to have complete obedience and be served. I believe that it is a man’s place to worship and adore a Woman. I wouldn’t take anything less. Often I was told to not be so aggressive. That I should not intimidate a man with My ambition. That I shouldn’t try to emasculate him by being powerful. That I should pull back My natural skills so not to scare away men. Absolute bullshit, which I never believed for a second.

In 2015 after a series of misfortune, I finally found the Los Angeles BDSM community. For the first time, I found a group of people who didn’t try to restrain Me from being dominant but actually encouraged it! I was celebrated for who I naturally was and it was addictive. I immediately jumped head first into kink and let it consume Me whole. Every weekend I was at an event, class or party, sometimes even twice a weekend. I was hungry for knowledge, so I devoured classic BDSM books to better understand the method, skill and reasons behind how everything flowed together. Through the lifestyle community, I found My truest self, healing and learned to hone My skillset.

As the years went by, I found My passion and skill for transforming lives growing more and more. In the fall of 2019, I made the decision to share My dominant abilities with the world and stepped into the professional arena of being a Dominatrix. I bring authentic kink and connection into all My sessions. I believe in the healing benefits of BDSM and love to get inside the mind of all My clients.

you don’t need to worry when I have you under My control. Goddess knows what’s best for you.

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