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The 10 Basics of Interacting with a LIFESTYLE Domme

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I get asked this question a lot from new male subs so I thought I would share My general reply.

Every Domme is different but here is My personal preference on how male submissives should approach or interact.

  1. DO NOT send a copy paste template message.

  2. READ the profile. Pay close attention to the details of the bio and the fetish list. These details are great ways to first vet if the Domme is someone you could have compatibility with.

  3. DO NOT assume how they like to be addressed. If you are not her submissive, do not address her as Mistress/Goddess/Miss/M'am/Madame. Period.

  4. ASK her what her preferred way of being addressed is.

  5. Dommes get treated like sexual vending machines by countless men, so show care, respect and consideration. TREAT HER LIKE A PERSON. NOT A FETISH. Try to be a friend first!

  6. Be more than sex. To me, if all the fetishes you list, photos you post or things you talk about are ALL sexual fetishes - I immediately toss them out. It makes it seem like all you care about is sex and there is nothing more to you. It makes Dommes feel like you just want them so you can act out your favorite Femdom porn. Lead first with nonsexual kinks and let the Domme take the lead of shifting the energy to sexual. SHE IS A FUCKING TOP, LET HER BE IN CHARGE. If she wants you, she will let you know know lol

  7. Ask yourself this question regularly "HOW CAN I MAKE HER LIFE BETTER?" Put her first, display manners, chivalry and respect. Classic and clean good manners will get you noticed.

  8. TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN DEVELOPMENT AS A SUBMISSIVE ******** This is a MASSIVE attraction point. Work on yourself. Take inventory of skills and abilities you have that are a benefit to her AND LEARN MORE NEW THINGS. Do not wait for a Domme to pick you up and teach you everything. If you want to attract a high quality Domme, be a high quality submissive. Watch YouTube tutorials, read books, attend classes.

  9. Get involved in the community and make friends! It will provide you the opportunity to learn more, grow and also help Dommes see that you want more than just bedroom play. Going to events (even virtual events) allow Dommes to observe you and see how you interact.

  10. DOMMES TALK TO DOMMES. If you are a douche, she will tell her Domme friends. So treat everyone, even the Dommes you may not be interested in, with common curtesy and basic respect.


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