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What DomCon LA 2021 Showed Me

One of the greatest highlights of My year is DomCon Los Angeles and it’s an event I hold dear to My heart. Founded in 2004 by the legendary Mistress Cyan, the convention was formed in the spirit of uniting the professional and lifestyle BDSM communities to share in knowledge and fun. I still remember My first DomCon back in 2016 when I was purely a lifestyle Domme, how thrilled I was for the diverse class topics, fetish fashion displays and the parties every night. All of it resonated with Me and I have attended every DomCon LA ever since with as much zeal as I did as a baby domme.

After having DomCon 2020 virtual only, there was palpable excitement to finally gather in person this year and to regain some community connection. I was very honored to be selected as an educator for the event and invited to host the FemDom social as well. Education and creating safe community spaces are some of My biggest passions in life. I love being able to pass along resources, show different perspectives and break down concepts into practical and applicable steps. I love being able to see My students feel confident in trying new forms of play and discover more about themselves. I taught two of My most popular classes, “How to Create YOUR Protocol Manual” and “All Laced Up: Corsetry 101” and the audience really enjoyed learning new approaches to classic elements. I strive to highlight throughout all of My classes that each person is a unique individual. My role as an educator is to present practical approaches to safely explore but ultimately to tailor each experience. There is no cookie cutter top or cookie cutter bottom. Even if there was, where’s the fun in that?

It was wonderful to see so many incredible peers in the professional dominatrix community in attendance. Seeing old friends, meeting long distance internet friends, and making new connections all week long, the community was thriving and growing. I felt inspired by the presenters and joy to see some of My friends honored for their contributions to the community. Mxtress Wiley Wolfe was honored as the Mistress of Ceremonies and Queen Ana Blue was surprised with an outstanding community involvement award, both well deserved and touching to watch.

As I walked the Red Carpet, glowing in My evening gown with My boy at My side, I felt the full circle come into focus. The years of personal growth, skill development, learning, experience and community support building Me into the Domina that I am today. DomCon showed Me the resilience of the professional and lifestyle community, that we will always exist and that there is no stopping. I pride Myself in evolving and through DomCon, it showed Me the great internal distance I have traveled. DomCon reminded Me of My beginning, who I am now and how much farther I want to go. My evolution will never be complete, but I am excited to explore just how expansive I can craft it.


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